Auction Title Checker Pre-Auction Report Post-Auction Conveyancing
Short on time? Get a report that inspects the Land Registry Property Title ONLY. (Not the full legal pack)


  • Flags restrictive covenants
  • Easy to read
  • Shows charges (mortgages)
  • Great for multiple properties
  • Delivered within 24 hours (normally within the hour)


£400 No VAT

5 days or more? Get a solicitor to inspect the full legal pack.



  • Review of the auction paperwork
  • Flags missing documents
  • Interprets the title
  • Written report highlighting risks
  • Specialist auction conveyancing solicitors


From £750 No VAT

Winning bid? We can get you through to completion quickly.


  • Completions in 21 to 28 days
  • Fixed Fees
  • Specialist auction solicitor





 From £2000 No VAT


Buying a property at auction differs from the standard conveyancing process and the potential risks and gains should be assessed equally; especially as you’ll be contractually bound to buy the auction property after you win the bid.


Prior to the auction day the auction house provides a legal pack about the property being sold. The pack will normally contain all of the following:


  • Contract of Sale
  • Title Plan– the boundary of the property
  • Official copy of the register of title– also known as the title deeds
  • Conveyancing Searches– normally the local authority, drainage and environmental search
  • Protocol Forms
  • (If Leasehold) Leasehold Information Pack


Whilst the above is what you should receive when buying property at auction the legal pack can lack information; especially if it is a repossession auction because the seller didn’t live in or own the property so they have very little or knowledge of the auction property. This is why you need specialist auction solicitors to review the legal pack prior to the auction and report what information you do not have and flag issues in what documents have been provided.


The information is normally limited and should be reviewed by a solicitor before you make an offer. Mustafa Solicitors will be happy to prepare a pre-auction report based on this information, and any other that they can obtain, prior to you attending the auction house. This costs much less than the conveyancing for a full purchase, and if you do buy the property the cost of the report can be deducted from the full costs.

 Vat where payable on disbursements will be charged at the prevailing rate, currently 20%.